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Mathmos Aduki ni Lights

Mathmos Aduki ni Lights

In Blue-Green and Blue-Red changing colours 1109-027 and 028

£45.85 Exc. VAT

£55.02 Including VAT

You can qualify as an individual with disability or as a Registered Charity. Please remember to fill in the VAT Exemption section of the form at 'Checkout'
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When turned off Aduki ni looks like a totally silver metallic bean, heavy and perfect to hold in the hand.  

Turn Aduki ni on and it comes alive, changing through a spectrum of colours.

Aduki ni is rechargeable, lasting 6-8 hours without a lead.

It is designed as an outdoor/indoor products and is splash proof, ideal for use in the garden in the summer.

There are two colourways to choose from.

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