Soft Play

Soft play rooms are whole environments that are completely soft, safe and adventurous places to be in. They are made of fabric covered foam shapes and structures that create wonderfully exciting and fun, spaces in which to play, learn and explore. They can also be created as relaxing 'chill-out' spaces, or safe rooms within your house.

Soft play and Safe rooms are are great for people with physical and learning difficulties because they give the freedom to move around and be challenged in a safe environment.

Mike Ayres has been designing and making Soft play rooms for over 30 years and we are still creating and manufacturing them to the highest quality available, in our own workshops.

Mike Ayres Design - Sensory Resource image

Ball Pools

This is probably the strongest and best ballpool made. It was designed by Mike Ayres.

Mike Ayres Design - Sensory Resource image

Cushions and Seats

We now have a range of Bean cushions, to compliment the foam filled cushions, supports and soft shapes, used in Sensory and Soft play rooms.

Mike Ayres Design - Sensory Resource image

Soft Play Rooms

Soft play rooms are for boisterous play, to encourage physical development and exploration for all children. They are also used for sensory work, to encourage motor skills, give physical challenge, for specific teaching and for leisure. Whatever their use, they are great fun!