Bubble Tube, Switch4 Interactive, 1.50m, Square Base

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The S4 Interactive Bubble Tube is the most advanced, yet easiest 'interactive' tool for many teaching, therapeutic and leisure activities.

You can control the colours and bubbles together or separately in a number of different programmes and play co-operative and competitive games with one person or a group of people. This is a very valuable tool for giving choice, enabling independence, learning specific skills and as a sensory experience.

It has 8 programmes or modes enabling highly dependent people to interact with it and each other on a par with physically and intellectually more able people using almost any type of switches. It works very intuitively, and its control is based on the principle of a hidden computer.

Features include:

8 different programmes and modes. 1 passive - needs no switches 4 using one or two switches timed, latched, momentary and stepping colour. 2 using three switches mixing primary colours to get secondary coloured bubbles, 6 using any number of up to nine switches timed, latched, momentary including 'Simon' games Extremely bright and true coloured LED lamps (you never need to change a bulb) 8 colours of bubbles (basic and secondary) Instantaneous colour change with fading to prevent uncomfortable flashing lights Touch pad programme control Use with almost any type of switch (they do not have to be Mike Ayres Design switches) Use with Nine Switch Keyboard, either plugged directly into the bubble tube controller or radio remotely via a Universal Transmitter Integrates completely with 'Switch2' control system Available with all styles of bubble tubes, including standard large and giant, with square or easy access bases Fixed and portable versions are available

Base size: 45 x 45cm.

Overall height 170cm.

The tube must be secured with a Wall Bracket for Standard Bubble Tube .. 1926-901

Control panel and Bubble Tube - 12volts, with a separate wall mounted power supply.