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Gorilla Tubs

£2.00GBP Excl VAT
SKU: 1068-101

Introducing our strong, tough, and flexible Gorilla Tubs, the ultimate solution for sensory toy storage. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, these brightly coloured tubs are perfect for organising sensory toys, sensory equipment, sand and water play materials, dressing-up items, and texture tubs. Not only are they great for storage, but they also open up a world of creative games and curriculum activities.

With a range of sizes to choose from, our Gorilla Tubs cater to different storage needs. The 14-litre tub, measuring 33cm in diameter, offers compact storage, while the 26-litre tub with a diameter of 39cm provides ample space for medium-sized items. For shallow storage, our 35-litre tub with a 57cm diameter is perfect. If you require larger capacity, we offer a 38-litre tub measuring 45cm in diameter, as well as a spacious 75-litre tub with a 57cm diameter.

What sets our Gorilla Tubs apart is their vibrant range of colours, including Sky Blue, Yellow, Pistachio, Purple, Blue, Green, and Orange / Red Gorilla Tubs. These eye-catching hues not only add a splash of vibrancy to your sensory environment but also aid in colour recognition and visual stimulation for individuals with sensory processing needs.

At Mike Ayres Design, we prioritise the therapeutic benefits of our products. Our Gorilla Tubs support sensory integration, organisation, and creativity in play. These durable tubs provide a structured storage solution while also encouraging imaginative play and promoting fine motor skills development.

For additional information on the benefits of sensory play and organisation, we encourage you to explore relevant resources such as the NHS page on sensory integration. We are committed to providing high-quality sensory products, special needs equipment, and multi-sensory solutions to support individuals of all abilities.