Biggest Bubble Tube in the World!

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Mike Ayres Design has just designed and built what we believe to be the biggest Bubble Tube ever made.

Here are the statistics:

  • It’s 5.3 metres high (17 foot 4 inches)
  • It’s half a metre in diameter. (19 ¾ inches)
  • It weighs... I’m not going to tell you that, because we may have a “Guess the weight” competition to raise funds for the Space Centre. Watch this space!
  • It is at the Space Centre in Preston, UK
  • It is the first piece of awesome equipment to be installed in the NEW SPACE 2 Multi Sensory Centre
  • It is wonderfully interactive and can be controlled by anyone of any ability via Switches, radio remotely and with an iPad
  • It has 8 different interactive programmes and games with variable levels of challenge

Mike Ayres Design make a very wide range of Passive and Interactive Bubble Tubes and can create specific designs to almost any size you can imagine.

Contact us to order a bubble tube just like this one or to talk about your project or vision.


The multi-sensory room at SPACE, is a large, soft-padded, multi-sensory environment which is spread over two levels that are connected by stairs and a slide. It is an exciting area with specialist lighting and equipment.

The SPACE Centre offers a totally flexible environment for families, carers, therapists and teachers which:

  • Allows freedom for clients to move in safety
  • Builds confidence and motivation increasing learning potential
  • Provides a world of sensory stimulation and enables assessment of sensory abilities by presenting one stimuli at one time and excluding unnecessary distractions
  • Encourages relaxation in a calm and controlled atmosphere
  • Gives the opportunity for those who are wheelchair bound to be out of their chairs and experience different positions
  • Enables life skills to be developed through structured and educational programs using switch work to give control to the client
  • Encourages communication skills and choice making

They have over 230 groups visiting a month, including special schools, respite care homes, family bookings, play-schemes, parent support groups, after school clubs and also day centres and community homes who cater for young people and adults with physical and learning disabilities. SPACE can cater for people with a wide range of disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Profound Multiple Disabilities, Autism and brain injuries. Groups come from all over the north west and sometimes even further afield, which demonstrates the need for such a facility and illustrates the fact that there are no other centres like SPACE.

About Mike Ayres Design’s association with SPACE

Mike Ayres has been creating Multi Sensory Environments since the early 1980s and had his first meeting with the Space Centre in September 1987. This resulted in the design of the first SPACE Multi sensory Environment, which is still going strong and is as popular as ever. It has undergone a few updates and renovations in its 20 plus years of constant use, but the basic design and principals remain the same.

Four years ago it was decided to invest in new and purpose built premises and build a wonderful NEW state of the art SPACE CENTRE. Mike Ayres was once again asked to design this new space. He also designed the SPACE house style and the interior decor of the whole building.

After a very long struggle and a couple of disasters (not of Space’s making) we are finally in a position to start equipping the NEW SPACE 2. The Ultra Giant Bubble Tube is an integral part of the whole design and experience for everyone who visits the Centre. It was sponsored by Edwin Booth (of E H Booths supermarkets) and was installed at this stage to give you a taste of whats to come.

The SPACE CENTRE still needs to raise funds to complete the project.

Visit their website to find out more and how you can support them.