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This is our sixth Sensory Resource Catalogue and we continue to develop and extend the range of Mike Ayres original equipment as well as adding other manufacturers products to compliment our range. We show the information in a clear, honest and logical way.

The first section of the catalogue introduces you to the range of complete environments and specialist services we provide.

The second section offers a wide range of equipment for use in sensory facilities, soft play rooms and many therapeutic, educational and leisure environments. We also introduce our new iPad app!

The third section gives information about people we associate with throughout the world. We accept that we cannot be all things to all people; we therefore work in close association with other companies with specific products and projects.

This is a very intuitive and fun way to discover all about our products and environments.

  • Create it as a PDF file
  • Download it to your computer
  • Print any pages or sections
  • Instant search for any product or feature
  • Email any parts and pages to your colleagues
  • Live web links

and many more features.

If you cannot see the catalogue below please follow this link to view it in a new window, thank you.