Multi-Sensory Rooms

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Multi-Sensory Rooms, often referred to as Sensory Rooms, evolved from the Dutch concept of Snoezelen in the 1980s.

Specifically designed to enable people to enjoy a wide range of experiences for therapy, learning, stimulation, relaxation and fun. Mike Ayres Design has pioneered the design and use of Multi-Sensory Rooms ever since.

The concept is to create events focussed on particular senses such as feel, vision, sound, smell and taste as well as the more abstract sense of well-being, space, time, togetherness and many more.

A Multi-Sensory Room is a special place where the participant feels entirely at ease and able to initiate and control effects and the experience created. The is achieved in a host of different ways; through special sound and visual effects, tactile experience, vibration, use of aroma and music, either independently or in combination (hence the Multi of Multi-Sensory Rooms).

Participants can achieve a liberating sense of control, often for the first time in their lives, and this empowerment offers huge opportunities for learning, relaxation and communication.

The use of multi-sensory practice continues to evolve and reach new audiences with every passing year. Successfully implemented in both mainstream and special educational settings, Sensory Rooms are now a trusted resource for residential and dementia care as well as private, community and respite projects.

Irrespective of the aim or audience, it is important to approach the project logically and with care to ensure a considered, appropriate, effective environment is designed and built.

Partnership with Mike Ayres Design offers you the certainty of experience and authority and the an unrivalled ability to design and manufacture an environment that will meet and exceed your aspirations. Not your budget.

If you are not sure where to start, or would like advice on a specific space or project, please contact the team on 01359 251551 or if you prefer, please send an email outlining your enquiry.