Sensory Training

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Sensory Training

If you wish to discuss your Training Needs, whether you are an existing customer or a new one, simply call 01359 251551 or, if you prefer, email and a member of the team will help you establish what you need.

Mike Ayres Design delivers Technical Training on all of our equipment and will always try to support customers of other Sensory companies too. 

Technical Training (Familiarisation)

As part of any installation Mike Ayres Design always provides an introductory session with key members of staff. This is provided by our friendly, experienced installation teams and will ensure an understanding of equipment, its functions and some key do's and don'ts too!

This training can be repeated in conjunction with our Maintenance contracts and on-going training should form part of the plan when investing in equipment to ensure their huge potential is fulfilled and continues to deliver positive outcomes for users in the long term.

If you would like to discuss your equipment and training needs, and maintenance too, simply call 01359 251551 or, if you prefer, email the team.

Training Associates

For deeper understanding and introductions to the Multi-Sensory concept or to tailor training to a particular type of user, a series of renowned experts help provide a a comprehensive range of course options.

Hirstwood Training

Hirstwood Training Ltd. is a small but enthusiastic training company, supplying training and advice to parents and professionals, caring or working within the field of additional needs. Richard Hirstwood has been in the sensory field for nearly 30 years, the passage of time has not dimmed his enthusiasm and passion for the topic or dulled the vibrancy of his shirts. 

Richard and his team have trained around the world and he delivers brilliant content in a style which excites and entertains as well as informs his audiences.

Richard also works alongside a panel of fantastic trainers, and their training can be tailored to suit your needs. From Sensory concepts, to working with specific children or challenges. 

Multi-Sensory Training

A Hirstwood Training session can be booked to compliment Maintenance Support too, offering your room and the professionals who use it the best possible foundation and impetus to provide better outcomes for the children and adults they work with.

What do I do next?

Simply call the Mike Ayres Design team on 01359 251 551 or, if you prefer, email the team.

Sensory Spectacle 

Sensory Spectacle create immersive experiences to educate about and develop awareness of Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD). Their workshops and installations give you an opportunity to experience first-hand how a SPD might impact your life. This encourages greater awareness and understanding of auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, proprioceptive and vestibular difficulties.

Becky Lydon, founder of Sensory Spectacle, is also an experienced practitioner in Multi-Sensory Environments and therefore perfectly placed to help bridge the gap between greater understanding of SPD and the realities of working in a Sensory Environment.

What do I do next?

Simply call the Mike Ayres Design team on 01359 251 551 or, if you prefer, email the team.