Sensory Studios

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Sensory Studios®. A space of infinite possibility.

Tailor your sessions to be truly immersive or simply focus on a specific sense or single objective.

This is a concept originated by Mike Ayres, which has evolved out of the use of Snoezelen, multi-sensory rooms and interactive light and dark rooms. Sensory Studios® are now included in many mainstream schools as well as schools for pupils with special and additional needs. They have been developed to meet the demand for more flexible spaces which enable the users to create whatever type of environment or mood they wish, either temporary or permanent.

The Sensory Studio® allows appropriate interactivity by people of all cognitive and physical abilities. They are used for curriculum work at all levels, drama and creative arts, as themed environments, for communication and pastoral work, as well as for specific therapy and assessment.

The Sensory Studio®  can be a relaxing and fun environment to explore and experiment in. It encompasses all of the possibilities that current technologies offer, an environment in which you can experiment with and exploit lots of physical materials and low-tech experiences.

Most importantly, Sensory Studio® control systems allow the user to have complete control of their environment and all of the equipment in it... very simply.

The Sensory Studio® can be controlled in a number of ways at any time:

  • Manually, by direct interaction with equipment, or by plugging in Switches
  • Radio remotely, switching and interacting with equipment wirelessly via Transmitters
  • With an iPad, using our revolutionary 'Switch4' iPad app.
  • With dynamic interactive projection (for some elements of the Studio

Sensory Studio® is a trademark registered by Mike Ayres Design.

If you are unsure where to start, or you would like to discuss a specific space or project, please call the team on 01359 251551 or if you prefer email us with your enquiry.