Bubble Tube - Large, Easy Switch 2.00m, Square Base

SKU: 1928-020








This is a new range of bubble tubes. They are 20cm diameter and give a much bigger visual effect than the standard ones

Base size: 45 x 45cm. Overall height 210cm.

This is a very simple level of interactivity, which enables you to use any switch plugged directly into the base of the bubble tube.

When no switch is plugged in, the lights cycle through the 8 bright colours, fading gently between them.

Plug a single switch into the 'step colour' socket and each time you activate the switch the colour will change.

Plug another into the 'on-off' socket and the bubbles will stop and start with each touch of the switch.

Plug a Nine Switch Keyboard into the 'step colour' socket and you can choose any colour directly and even touch two colours to colour mix. You can also switch the bubbles separately.

Base size: 45 x 45cm.

Overall height 210cm.

The tube must be secured with a Wall Bracket for Large Bubble Tube .. 1926-902

Control panel and Bubble Tube - 12volts, with a separate wall mounted power supply.