Fibre Optic Bamboo Tails with Easy Switch LED Light Source

SKU: 1280-315








The Easy Switch LED Light Source with the Bamboo Rope Fibre Optic Tails. The Bamboo ropes are 15 thick, tough, transparent, that add a wonderful tactile element to the visual experience.

The Easy Switch LED Light Source is the very brightest and most controllable LED light source available. this is a new generation of controllable light sources.

It takes full advantage of the LED technology. It is brighter, quieter, smaller, cooler and gives you complete control of a range of 8 colours and what is more, you never have to buy a replacement bulb.

The basic version emits coloured light equivalent to a 70 or 80watt bulb of pure colour. It gently cycles through varying sequences of eight colours and even has times when they sparkle. The colours fade into each other, so there are not sudden and disturbing flashes when they change.

It includes two integral jack sockets, into which you can plug single switches to step through the colours and switch them on and off, or a Nine Switch Keyboard, so you can select and mix colours. When the switches are not in use, the lights revert to passive cycling.