Mirror - Soft Exploratory

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SKU: 2553-424

Designed for sensory play and exploration, particularly suitable for children who are benefiting from sensory integration therapy or activities.

A tri-fold mirror, which creates multiple reflections from different angles. It is surrounded by a sturdy, soft material in bright blue, covered with a durable fabric to ensure safety during use. 

The benefits of the mirror in sensory integration are numerous:

  1. Visual Stimulation: The multiple reflections can provide visual feedback, which is stimulating and can help improve a child's visual tracking and focusing abilities.

  2. Self-Exploration: Seeing oneself from various angles promotes self-awareness and curiosity.

  3. Tactile Exploration: The soft borders allow for safe tactile exploration without the risk of injury from sharp edges.

  4. Motor Skills Development: Reaching out to touch the mirrors or the objects reflected in them can help improve fine and gross motor skills.

  5. Cognitive Development: Understanding reflections and angles can enhance cognitive skills related to spatial awareness and cause-and-effect relationships.

  6. Emotional Regulation: For some children, particularly those with sensory processing challenges, the visual input can be soothing and help with self-regulation.

Mike Ayres Design specialise in creating sensory environments and tools for individuals with various sensory integration needs. The Mirror - Soft Exploratory is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in multiple ways within a sensory room or as part of a larger sensory integration therapy program.