Sensory Trolley - Kit D

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The original and still the best - Sensory Trolley

A versatile and mobile and sensory resource that can be sued anywhere in a building as an addition to a Sensory Room, or as a stand-alone unit; for when you need ultimate mobility or are short of space.

A complete sensory resource or room - on a shopping trolley (albeit a specially made one)

Kit D includes all of Kit C (0905-103) with the addition of an extra two channel Switch2 Control Unit, sound effect CDs, more proejction equipment and a set of glowing balls

Kit D includes:

0905-001 Sensory Trolley 0905-011 Support frame and bracket 1110-001 Fitted sound system 0734-007 Opti LED Sensory Projector 0734-057M Dual Wheel rotator, Active Gate 0734-798M Set of 5 Pattern Wheels 1205-063 Universal transmitter 0765-021 Dome button switch 1280-232 LED Light Source with 180 x 2m plastic sidglow tails 1205-045 4 Channel Switch2 Control Unit, radio remote 1205-026 2 Channel S2 Radio remote SCU, radio remote 0918-002 White Projection Brolly, 130cm dia. 0918-004 Black Projection Brolly, 130cm dia. 0765-115 Set of 4 Fluorescent Low Profile Switches 1205-063 3x Universal Transmitters 0689-026 UV Lantern 0689-051 Set of 8 Glowsticks 0715-013 Portable LED Pinspot with colour change 0716-011 Portable Mirrorball and Motor 0689-054 24 metre Set of Glowline 0765-030 Sound Switch 0765-023 Touch Stick Switch 0942-010 Ultimate Sound Effects CDs 0734-381 Liquid Wheel, Rainbow Dreams 0734-305 Set of 5 Clear Wheels 0734-031 Kaleidoscope Lens 0734-033 Deflector Mirror 0734-998M Set of 5 Max effect Wheels


58cm wide x 100cm long x 110cm high, 183cm high with support frame Goes through any door, turns on its own axis and can be used outside 2 excellent brakes on the back wheels Space for sound system and speakers The whole Trolley plugs into one 13amp socket Six 13amp sockets on the Trolley to ply in switch control units, a sound system or any other equipment Space for 1-, 2- and 4-channel Switch control units, manual or radio remote, in whatever combination you want Two deep and two shallow removable resource trays included. Trays do not slide about when the Trolley is in transit Three shelves to put equipment on when in use or in transit Shelf for instruction manual Support frame for suspended equipment. This will support projectors, pinspots or any other lights. It is removable, for transporting and storage