Tactile Panel No. 2 - Ultraviolet

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Tactile Panel No. 2 - Ultraviolet

This Tactile Panel is designed for use with UV blacklight. It has a midnight blue panel with brightly coloured textures, including fluorescent elements and will therefore glow brilliantly when lit up creating a stunning visual effect.

The original and best Tactile Panels by Mike Ayres Design are often imitated, but never the same.

They provide wonderful focal points for any sensory, breakout or classroom and can even be used in Hallways as points of interest. The carefully selected textures which have been meticulously chosen and tested to give your clients a wide range of sensory feedback, while ensuring that it is robust and can take regular and heavy use. 

The patented "trail" design is to encourage exploration, leading the client from one texture to another in a fluid and organic way. Each texture offers its own properties which are unusual to find in normal life and even rarer for those with limited movement.

It is well known that sensory tactile exploration can help with cognitive development, language development, fine motor skills, and emotional regulation. It can also help with sensory integration, provide a sense of calm and relaxation, and can be used as a tool for self-expression and communication.

Designed to be fixed vertically or horizontally.

Size: 145 x 120 x 5cm thick.