Sensory Environments

Sensory Environments evolved from the Dutch concept of ‘Snoezelen’ in the 1980s. They are specifically designed environments which enable people with special needs to enjoy a very wide range of sensory experiences for therapy, learning, stimulation, relaxation and fun.

There has been a tremendous amount of development since those pioneering days, both in the variety of uses and the technical advancement of the equipment used.

The following pages will give you some idea of extent and variety of use of sensory work in schools, hospitals, museums and private houses. Uses for sensory rooms include: education curriculum work, sensory integration, relaxation, reminiscence work, development, communication skills, drama, exploration of the senses, creating a quiet space, pain relief, massage and aroma therapy, counselling and assessment.

Sensory environments can be created to fullfil almost any need.

If you are unsure where to start, or would like some advice on a specific space or project please contact the team on 01359 251551  or send an email if you would prefer.

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Multi-Sensory Rooms

Multi-Sensory Rooms, or Sensory Rooms as they are often referred to, developed from the Dutch concept of ‘Snoezelen’. Mike Ayres Design's pioneering work has enabled the concept to evolve and grow to provide opportunities and solutions for for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Care homes, Adult resource centres, Museums, private homes and many other establishments.

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Sensearound Mobile Studio

A specially adapted vehicle with a complete built-in Sensory studio, including; hoist and lift access. It can be driven to any place and is ready for use within a few minutes.

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Sensory Space System

Create a Sensory room within a larger space or classroom. An independent structural system that is quick to erect. It gives you a completely controllable environment fitted out with a control system, lighting and sensory resources, within a larger room.

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Sensory Studios

A concept originated by Mike Ayres. It expands the use of Multi-sensory rooms into completely flexible, controllable and interactive environments that can be used by people of all cognitive and physical abilities.

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Sensory Trolley

This is a complete resource, or room, on a shopping trolley.
A mobile sensory resource that can be used anywhere in a building. Just wheel it to where you want, plug it in and it’s ready to go.