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Reflective Mirror Balls

Reflective Mirror Balls

4 different size Reflective Mirror Balls 2553-201

£25.00 Exc. VAT

£30.00 Including VAT

You can qualify as an individual with disability or as a Registered Charity. Please remember to fill in the VAT Exemption section of the form at 'Checkout'

The set of 4 different size Reflective Mirror Balls provide a stretched version of reality that is distorted like a fish-eye lens giving a view which is other-worldly.

You will be fascinated to see items placed close to the mirrors including your own face enlarged in close-up.  

Made from hard wearing stainless steel, these beautiful smooth tactile balls are robustly constructed without being too heavy and there can be handled by young children with ease.  

A great focal point for displays both indoors and outdoors.


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