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Ultraviolet Fun Time Kit

Ultraviolet Fun Time Kit

A wide selection of materials to use with UV light, 2554-043

£48.00 Exc. VAT

£57.60 Including VAT

You can qualify as an individual with disability or as a Registered Charity. Please remember to fill in the VAT Exemption section of the form at 'Checkout'

This kit will come 'alive' under a UV light.

Watch the products fluoresce vividly.

Kit includes:

      1 x Fun Kit Bag                      1 x UV Torch

      1 x Scrunchy Dinosaur           1 x Squishy Tentacle Ball

      1 x Atom Ball                         1 x Stretchy Bouncy Ball

      4 x Spikey Wrist Bands          2 x Rattle Sticks

      1 x Mega Slinky                     1 x Centipede

      1 x Spikey Light Up Ball       1 x Stubby Ball

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