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Clip-on Prisms

Clip-on Prisms

A range of three different prisms. Choose a 2, 3 or 4 facet prisms.

£69.00 Exc. VAT

£82.80 Including VAT

You can qualify as an individual with disability or as a Registered Charity. Please remember to fill in the VAT Exemption section of the form at 'Checkout'
Select the number of facets you want
2 Facet Clip on Prism .. 0734-034
3 Facet Clip on Prism .. 0734-035
4 Facet Clip on Prism .. 0734-036

A range of accessories which fit on the front of the Opti Projectors, enabling you to split and move images around the room. 

The Clip-on Prism fits onto the lens of the projector and divides the projected image into 4 different images.

Also available in 2-facet and 3-facet

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