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Opti Wheel Rotators

Opti Wheel Rotators

Opti Wheel Rotators. A range of different speed rotators.

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This range of Wheel Rotators hold and rotate the Effect Wheels at various speeds and fit all of the Opti and Solar Projectors.

The half rpm Wheel Rotator is the most popular speed for most effect wheels, you can see clear movement and you have time to observe each element of the moving images.

The Ultra-slow Rotator  is good for background effects and story telling.

The 5 rpm Rotator is best used with abstract images and the fast moving effects will energise you.

You must attach the Effect Wheels to a Wheel Rotator when using them in an Opti or Solar Projector.   The Wheel Rotators slide into either of the slots in the top of the projector and then are plugged into any of the 12volt sockets on the side.

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