Sensory Trolley

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Sensory Trolley - Kit D

Sensory Trolley - Kit D

Sensory Trolley - Kit D 0905-104

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The original and still the best - Sensory Trolley

A versatile and mobile and sensory resource that can be sued anywhere in a building as an addition to a Sensory Room, or as a stand-alone unit; for when you need ultimate mobility or are short of space.

A complete sensory resource or room - on a shopping trolley (albeit a specially made one)

Kit D includes all of Kit C (0905-103) with the addition of an extra two channel Switch2  Control Unit, sound effect CDs, more proejction equipment and a set of glowing balls

Kit D includes:

  • 0905-001   Sensory Trolley
  • 0905-011   Support frame and bracket
  • 1110-001   Fitted sound system
  • 0734-007   The NEW Opti LED Sensory Projector
  • 0734-012   Wheel rotator, 1/2rpm
  • 0734-798   Set of 5 Pattern Wheels
  • 1205-063   Universal transmitter
  • 0765-021   Dome button switch
  • 1280-232   LED Light Source with 180 x 2m plastic sidglow tails
  • 1205-045   4 Channel Switch2 Control Unit, radio remote
  • 1205-026   2 Channel S2 Radio remote SCU, radio remote
  • 0918-002   White Projection Brolly, 130cm dia.
  • 0918-004   Black Projection Brolly, 130cm dia.
  • 0765-115   Set of 4 Fluorescent Low Profile Switches
  • 1205-063   3x Universal Transmitters
  • 0933-009   Set of 4 Mini Torches with filters
  • 0933-021   Headband for Torches
  • 0933-022   Handgrip for Torches
  • 0689-027   Mains powered UV blacklight
  • 0689-051   Set of 8 Glowsticks
  • 0715-012   Portable Pinspot and Colour Wheel
  • 0716-011   Portable Mirrorball and Motor
  • 0689-054   24 metre Set of Glowline
  • 0765-030   Sound Switch
  • 0765-023   Touch Stick Switch
  • 0942-010   Ultimate Sound Effects CDs
  • 0734-381   Liquid Wheel, Primary Colours
  • 0732-014   Wheel Safe Rotator, 1/2rpm
  • 1109-119   Set of 3 Glowing Balls
  • 0734-305   Set of 5 Clear Wheels
  • 0734-031   Kaleidoscope Lens
  • 0734-033   Deflector Mirror


  • 58cm wide x 100cm long x 110cm high, 183cm high with support frame
  • Goes through any door, turns on its own axis and can be used outside
  • 2 excellent brakes on the back wheels 
  • Space for sound system and speakers
  • The whole Trolley plugs into one 13amp socket
  • Six 13amp sockets on the Trolley to ply in switch control units, a sound system or any other equipment
  • Space for 1-, 2- and 4-channel Switch control units, manual or radio remote, in whatever combination you want
  • Two deep and two shallow removable resource trays included.  Trays do not slide about when the Trolley is in transit
  • Three shelves to put equipment on when in use or in transit
  • Shelf for instruction manual
  • Support frame for suspended equipment.  This will support projectors, pinspots or any other lights.  It is removable, for transporting and storage

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