Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tiles

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Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tile

Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tile

Single Tile 50 x 50cm. 1348-511

£55.56 Exc. VAT

£66.67 Including VAT

You can qualify as an individual with disability or as a Registered Charity. Please remember to fill in the VAT Exemption section of the form at 'Checkout'

The Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tile will have you mesmerised.

It provides a wonderful visual and tactile experience. The golden glitter inside swirls and sparkles around as you move about on the Tile.

The Tile will withstand any amount of jumping and strenuous use by children and adults as well as the added weight of a wheelchair.

Liquid Floor Tiles can also be used on a table top or any flat surface and manipulated with your hands. A small amount of pressure creates a dramatic visual effect.

Size: 50 x 50cm x 0.7cm thick. 

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