omiReflex - Interactive Projection Wall Install

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Interactive Projection Wall - OMi Interactive Wall Projection System

Enhance Interactive Learning and Sensory Exploration...

Unlock a world of enchantment and discovery with the omiReflex Install, a high-quality, durable, and user-friendly interactive wall projection system from Mike Ayres Design. This innovative sensory integration product is perfect for schools, clinics, hospitals, and multi-sensory environments, providing therapeutic benefits and endless opportunities for engagement and learning.

Key Features and Benefits:

Captivating Interactive Experience: The omiReflex system captivates children with its dynamic and interactive effects. From scattering stars to painting pictures, playing drums, and embarking on space adventures, this projection system creates a magical mirror image of children, encouraging active participation and imaginative play.

Personalisation for Individual Expression: With the omiReflex+ version, personalisation takes centre stage. Children can import their own images, sounds, and videos, fostering self-expression and creativity. This feature allows therapists, educators, and caregivers to tailor the experience to the unique preferences and abilities of each individual.

Therapeutic Benefits of Occupational Therapy: The omiReflex Install provides numerous therapeutic benefits aligned with occupational therapy principles. It promotes sensory integration, fine motor skill development, visual tracking, cause-and-effect understanding, social interaction, and cognitive engagement. Through interactive play, children can enhance their sensory processing abilities and strengthen their overall development.

Comprehensive Content Suite: The omiReflex system comes with a rich collection of 100+ activities in the Content Suite. This diverse range of interactive experiences ensures continuous engagement and endless exploration. From educational games to sensory-rich visuals, the content suite offers a wide variety of options to support learning and development.

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omiReflex Install

OMi Interactive Wall Projection System

The omiReflex system offers an enchanting experience for children, displaying a mirror image of them with dynamic, interactive effects such as scattering stars, painting pictures, playing drums, and even traveling through space. This projection can be displayed on any pale vertical surface and the omiReflex+ version even allows for personalisation by importing children's own images, sounds, and videos.

omiReflex Includes:
  • omiReflex Content Suite with 100+ activities
  • Fixed Installation with ceiling mounted projector
  • Remote Control
  • Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl
  • Wireless radio keyboard

omiReflex+ Includes:

  • Content Creator & Editor Software
  • Access to a Library of Tutorial Videos