OmiReflex - Installed version

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Interactive Wall Projection

A system that displays a ‘magical’ mirror image of the user whilst projecting dynamic moving images that they can interact with…

Scattering stars, painting pictures, playing the drums and travelling through space are just some of the many interactive effects this magical mirror projection offers.

The omiReflex system can project onto any pale vertical surface.

The omiReflex+ version is fully customisable allowing users to import their own images, sounds and videos. Ask us for more details.

Particularly appropriate for users who need:

Proprioceptive and vestibular feedback Coordination/motor skill development A therapeutic tool to calm or stimulate

Fixed installation with ceiling mounted projector.

Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ apps Remote Control Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl Handover training (applies in England & Wales)


Complete omiReflex install system as above
• Content Creator & Editor Software
• Additional half day follow-up training (applies in England & Wales)

Installation not included, subject to site survey