omiVista - Interactive Projector

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omiVista Install - Interactive Table or Floor Projection

Enhance Sensory Integration and Explore a World of Possibilities with omiVista Install

Introducing the newest ceiling-mounted system designed for effortless use in any setting, including sensory rooms, interactive spaces, and more. The omiVista Install by Mike Ayres Design is a high-quality, durable, and user-friendly sensory integration product that unlocks endless opportunities for engagement, learning, and therapeutic benefits. With just a touch of a button, this innovative system can project onto any floor or table, transforming it into a dynamic and interactive surface.

  • Supports physiotherapy and occupational therapy in a fun way
  • Stimulating and educational activities, developed by education professionals
  • Highly engaging – allowing parents time to step back a little.
  • Calming effect both during and after challenging behaviour
  • Intuitive system that can be used independently
  • Enables social play with friends of all abilities

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Supports Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in a Fun Way: The omiVista Install is designed to support the goals of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. It provides a wide range of stimulating and educational activities developed by education professionals, promoting physical and cognitive development while offering a fun and engaging experience.

  • Highly Engaging and Calming: This interactive projection system captivates users of all ages and abilities, allowing parents and caregivers to step back while children explore and learn. It has a calming effect both during and after meltdowns, offering a soothing sensory experience.

  • Intuitive and Independent Use: The omiVista Install features an intuitive interface, enabling independent use by individuals with varying abilities. Its user-friendly design allows for easy interaction and exploration, fostering independence and self-confidence.

  • Enables Social Play and Inclusion: With the omiVista Install, individuals can engage in social play with friends of all abilities, promoting inclusive and collaborative interactions. It creates a shared interactive space that encourages communication, cooperation, and friendship.

Therapeutic Benefits in Schools, Clinics, and Hospitals:

  • Cognitive and Physical Stimulation: The omiVista Install's activities have been developed in collaboration with experts in the SEND field over the past 17 years. They provide cognitive and physical stimulation, improving communication and motor skills while reducing anxiety. Each activity is carefully designed to promote learning through fun, with a calming effect on the users.

  • Versatile Applications and Multi-Sensory Environments: This system is ideal for sensory rooms, schools, clinics, and hospitals. Its versatile projection capabilities allow for the creation of immersive multi-sensory environments. It can be used to enhance sensory integration, provide sensory therapeutic resources, and facilitate sensory room ideas and multi-sensory room ideas.

omiVista Install Includes:

  • Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ Apps: The system comes pre-installed with the Sensory Fun Suite, offering a diverse collection of 300+ apps that feature audio-visual effects to promote engagement, relaxation, and stimulation.

  • Manuals with Session Guidelines: Included manuals provide session guidelines to support therapists, educators, and caregivers in maximizing the benefits of the omiVista Install.

  • Remote Control: The system is equipped with a remote control for convenient operation and customization.

  • Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl: The omiVista Install seamlessly integrates with the omiPad Room Ctrl, allowing for centralised control and management of multiple interactive systems.

Activities have been developed in collaboration with experts in the SEND field over the past 17 years, and are embraced and endorsed by OT’s, PT’s, and clinicians. They provide cognitive and physical stimulation, improve communication and motor skills, while reducing anxiety. Teaching through fun has a calming effect. 

omiVista Install Includes:

  • Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ apps
  • Manuals with session guidelines
  • Remote Control
  • Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl
  • Handover training (applies in England & Wales)
  • System size: W 59.5 x D 59.5 x H 14cm
  • Weight:  15Kg
  • Image size from 2.4m height: 2 x 1.5m

omiVista+ Includes:

  • Content Creator & Editor Software
  • Access to a Library of Tutorial Videos

The Autism Suite: Enhanced Sensory Activities & Games for SEN

An additional software package available called The Autism Suite is a comprehensive software package tailored specifically for supporting the development and understanding of children on the autism spectrum. This specialized suite includes over 200 meticulously designed activities and games that encourage active participation and engagement, promoting the progression of essential skills in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

"The new Autism specific apps are really helping us to deliver focused lessons in an innovating and inspiring way."

Teresa Steele - NAS Robert Ogden School, Rotherham

Key Features and Expanded Benefits:

  • Expanded Activity Library: The Autism Suite now boasts an expanded library of over 200 interactive activities. These are designed to foster skills in critical areas such as communication, social interaction, and emotional regulation, providing a versatile toolkit for educators and therapists.

  • Customizable User Experience: Understanding that every child is unique, the Autism Suite offers customizable settings to tailor activities according to individual needs and preferences, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

  • Guided Skill Progression: Activities are structured to guide users from simple to more complex tasks, facilitating gradual learning and confidence-building. This feature is particularly beneficial for children needing structured skill progression.

  • Interactive and Immersive: With a focus on interactive technology, the Autism Suite ensures that children are not just passive recipients of the therapy but active participants. This engagement is crucial for children on the spectrum as it helps in maintaining their interest and focus.

  • Real-Time Feedback: Immediate feedback provided by the software helps in reinforcing learning and adjusting challenges in real-time, ensuring that each session is optimized for educational impact.

  • Professional Support Resources: Included are resources for professionals, offering strategies and insights for integrating the Autism Suite into regular educational and therapeutic sessions effectively.

  • Parental Involvement: Features that facilitate parental involvement, allowing for shared sessions with children to foster a supportive learning environment at home.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Enhances Communication Skills: Through interactive games that mimic real-life interactions.
  • Supports Emotional Regulation: By providing scenarios that teach coping mechanisms.
  • Improves Social Interaction: With simulations that practice turn-taking and empathy.
  • Develops Motor Skills: Through engaging games that require precise control and coordination.

The Autism Suite is more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to support the multifaceted development of children on the autism spectrum. Its use in schools, clinics, and home settings not only promotes essential skill development but also provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn and grow.

Supporting development and understanding across key areas of the Autistic Spectrum.
Includes over 200 activities designed to engage, challenge, and aid progression of skills.

Driving Growth in Supported Areas:

• Social interaction
• Flexible thinking
• Personal organisation
• Emotional understanding
• Gross motor skills
• Proprioceptive feedback
• Communication skills
• Sensory calming and alerting
• Vestibular input

“It’s so motivating and different, our children are engaged,
working together, and actively communicating”

 Judith Chamberlain - Head of Lakeside School, Herts

OMi has more than 18 years’ experience in meeting the challenges faced by learners with autism. They continue to push boundaries in their commitment to provide solutions that meet the needs of all learners, using their ground-breaking interactive systems.

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