Natural Aroma Texture Mural

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A unique Mural with a combination of aromatic and tactile experience using completely natural materials.

Mike Ayres Design has created these exclusive Murals using wonderful new natural materials which have been manufactured to retain the original aroma, visual beauty and texture of the organic natural ingredients used.

Wonderfully subtle and natural materials which are fixed onto a meandering trail background that is visually pleasing and will give you a truly multi-sensory experience.
The wide range if textures are reinforced by their aromas and will give plenty of opportunity for comparison and communication with children and adults.
They are an extremely valuable tool for sensory experience and learning. The aromas will last for many years.

The textures include: Beard lichen with bark Skeletons of giant leaves Hemp shives, fibres and husks Wool from Tyrolean mountain sheep Lavender stalks and blossom Peppermint stalks Rose petals and rose buds Vanilla pods Coffee powder with bean imprints Blue cornflower blossoms Green coloured moss Sunflower seed husks

Overall size: 195 x70cm x 2cm thick. (Comes in two pieces)

Note: Please use with supervision, because the textures can be picked by determined fingers.