Soft Play

Mike Ayres Design has been designing innovative Soft Play equipment and environments for over 35 years and always to the most rigorous quality standards in the market place. 

Everything is designed AND manufactured here at Mike Ayres Design and benefits from unrivalled experience in how Soft Play works, both practically and aesthetically.

Fun should be at the heart of any use of the Soft Play room but potential benefits are wide ranging. To fulfil your objectives, whether providing space for boisterous play, developing motor skills or for specific teaching and relaxation requirements, sensitive and considered design is essential.

Mike Ayres Design will design a space to reflect your individual needs and offers a huge range of pioneering features and equipment to enhance and compliment your finished environment.

This can include Projectors, Musical Steps, Activity Panels, Infinity Huts, Sound Systems or even 'Intelligent' Lighting.

You may also wish to incorporate the huge potential of Sensory Integration equipment in to your space. There is a range of equipment, both floor based and suspension options, for you to consider. 

To discuss your project, whether you'd like to refresh an existing space or create a new one, please contact us on 01359 251 551 or Send an email if you prefer.


Mike Ayres Design - Sensory Resource image

Ball Pools

This is probably the strongest and best ballpool made. It was designed by Mike Ayres.

Mike Ayres Design - Sensory Resource image

Cushions and Seats

We now have a range of Bean cushions, to compliment the foam filled cushions, supports and soft shapes, used in Sensory and Soft play rooms.

Mike Ayres Design - Sensory Resource image

Soft Play Rooms

Soft play rooms are for boisterous play, to encourage physical development and exploration for all children. They are also used for sensory work, to encourage motor skills, give physical challenge, for specific teaching and for leisure. Whatever their use, they are great fun!