Infinity Hut with Projection Roof

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It is like having your own 'Tardis' within your Sensory or Soft Play Room!

Exterior size: 145 x 145 x 105cm - Interior size: UNKNOWN

To go into the infinity hut is a magical experience which seems to defy the laws of space. It has acrylic mirrors on all four walls with 250 points of changing coloured lights shining through them.

This gives the illusion of your multiple images being surrounded by an infinite galaxy of twinkling stars.

For a Sensory Room, have the hut with a projection roof. It will enable you to project onto it from above and create wonderful moving skies which are reflected in the mirrors in all directions.

The hut has an integral Easy switch control that enables you to change the colour of the lights and switch then on and off via the large built-in switch plate or any switch your can manage.

Room for two adults or up to four children.

Size: 145 x 145 x 105cm