Infinity Hut

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Colour - White (Vinyl)
Made To Order.

Introducing the extraordinary Infinity Hut - a high-quality, durable, and user-friendly sensory integration product brought to you by Mike Ayres Design. As a leading Multi Sensory Environments designer and Sensory Integration product manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing exceptional products that ignite imagination, create immersive experiences, and offer therapeutic benefits. Step into a world of wonder with the Infinity Hut.

Key Features:

Magical Sensory Experience: The Infinity Hut is like having your own 'Tardis' within your Sensory or Soft Play Room. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing environment where acrylic mirrors on all four walls reflect 250 points of changing coloured lights. This creates the illusion of multiple images surrounded by an infinite galaxy of twinkling stars, captivating the senses and stimulating imagination.

Projection Capabilities: Elevate your Sensory Room experience with the hut's projection roof option. Project captivating visuals onto the roof, creating enchanting moving skies that are reflected in the mirrors in all directions. Explore a world of dynamic sensory engagement , fostering visual tracking , and encouraging interactive play .

Easy Switch Control: The Infinity Hut features an integral Easy switch control, allowing effortless manipulation of the lights. Change the colour of the lights and control their on/off function using the large built-in switch plate or any switch that suits your needs. This user-friendly feature ensures accessibility for individuals with diverse abilities.

Therapeutic Benefits:

The Infinity Hut offers a range of therapeutic benefits, making it an invaluable tool for occupational therapists. Some of its advantages include:

• Sensory stimulation and exploration

• Visual tracking and attention development

• Promoting relaxation and calming effects

• Encouraging imaginative play and creativity

• Enhancing social interaction and communication skills

Ideal for Various Settings:

The Infinity Hut is suitable for a variety of environments, including schools, clinics, and hospitals. It can be utilised in numerous ways to support therapeutic interventions and create inclusive sensory experiences :

• Sensory integration therapy sessions 

• Relaxation and calming spaces 

• Visual tracking and attention development 

• Visual stimulation for individuals with visual impairments 

• Multi-sensory exploration and engagement 

Explore our website to discover a wide range sensory room ideas, sensory wall mirrors, indoor soft play equipment and soft play tunnels. At Mike Ayres Design, we are committed to creating innovative solutions that enhance sensory experiences and empower individuals. Unleash the potential of your sensory environment and transform lives with our exceptional products.

Please note that the Infinity Hut is made to order, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Kindly be aware that longer lead times may apply. For further information or to discuss custom options, please contact our knowledgeable team. We are dedicated to assisting you in creating awe-inspiring sensory spaces.

At Mike Ayres Design, our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously innovate and create meaningful sensory integration products. Join us on this journey and let us be your trusted partner in creating transformative sensory experiences.