Light Cascade, Switch4 Interactive with LED Light Source

SKU: 1280-016








A very relaxing visual effect, whcih offers opportunity for interaction and interest for people with profound difficulties. 180 tails of light cascade to the floor in a waterfall of every changing colours. The light glows through strands of translucent plastic that you can lie amongst and handle.

The cascade is powered by the new LED Colourchange Light Source, so the colours are bright, wonderful, very controllable and you never need to replace a lamp. All is contained within an attractive wall mounted box.

The Switch4 Interactive version allows you to have complete control of the colours in 7 different modes and programmes, some passive and some interactive. you can also use a Universal transmitter to control it radio remotely with any sort of switch.

Size: 70 x 25 x 11cm deep. Fibre Optic tails extend 158cm from the box.

Power: Input = 100-240v 50-60Hz. 0.7A --- Output = 12V 2A