Fibre Optic Cascade - Switch4

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Fibre Optic Cascade - Switch4

Enjoy the relaxing and captivating Fibre Optic Cascade, a sensory integration product that offers interaction and engagement for people with profound difficulties. The Fibre Optic Cascade features 180 fibre optic light strands that flow to the floor in a rainbow of ever-changing colours. The light shines through strands of soft plastic that you can touch and hold, creating a tactile and visual stimulation.

The Fibre Optic Cascade is powered by our powerful Light Source, which lets you control the colours and brightness of the light with ease. You never need to replace a lamp, as the LED technology is durable and energy-efficient. The light source and the switch plates are contained within an attractive wall-mounted box that fits in with any environment.

The Switch4 Interactive version gives you complete control of the colours in 7 different modes and programmes, some passive and some interactive. You can also use a Universal transmitter to control its radio remotely with any sort of switch.

Explaining Our "Switch4" System

The Switch4 system has 8 different programmes and modes. You don't need to buy multiple different items to get this level of functionality, as Mike Ayres Design Switch4 control provides it all. Plug any switch in and off you go!

• Passive - colours change by themselves every 10 seconds. You can also control the speed of change.

• Step Colour - Use 1 or 2 switches to step from one colour to another and control the bubbles.

• Latched - Use 1 or up to 9 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to control bubbles and colours in ‘Latched’ switching mode.

• Momentary - Use 1 or up to 9 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to control bubbles and colours in ‘Momentary’ switching mode.

• Timed - Use 1 or up to 9 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to control bubbles and colours for times pre-set by you.

• Simon - Use an appropriate number of switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to play a ‘Simon’ game in which you get bubbles when you press the correct switch for the colour shown. You can select any number and combination of colours to play with.

• Colour mix - Pigments - Use 4 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to mix basic colours as you would if mixing paint (red and blue = purple etc.).

• Colour mix - Use 3 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to mix basic colours as you would if combining different colour light (red and green = yellow

Want to make your equipment have wireless control? Just add a Universal Transmitter (1205-063) and use with almost any type of switch (they do not have to be Mike Ayres Design switches).

Size: 70 x 25 x 11cm deep.

Fibre Optic tails extend 158cm from the box.

Power: Input = 100-240v 50-60Hz. 0.7A --- Output = 12V 2A

Therapeutic Benefits of Fibre Optic Cascade

The Fibre Optic Cascade is not only a beautiful sensory product, but also a therapeutic one. It can help people with various sensory integration challenges, such as:

• Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): People with ASD may have difficulties with sensory processing, which can affect their behaviour, communication and learning( The Fibre Optic Cascade can provide a calming and safe sensory stimulation that can reduce anxiety, improve attention and enhance social skills.

• Sensory processing disorder (SPD): People with SPD may have trouble responding appropriately to sensory input, which can affect their motor skills, emotional regulation and daily functioning. The Fibre Optic Cascade can offer a gentle and controlled sensory input that can help them regulate their arousal level, improve their body awareness and coordination, and develop adaptive responses.

• Dementia: People with dementia may experience sensory impairments, such as vision loss, hearing loss or reduced touch sensitivity, which can affect their cognition, mood and quality of life. The Fibre Optic Cascade can provide a multisensory stimulation that can enhance their memory, mood and engagement.

Another fantastic product by Mike Ayres Design - we design Multi Sensory Environments and manufacture Sensory Integration products. This is one of our many high-quality and durable products that meet the special needs of people with different abilities and preferences. We create sensory rooms for schools, clinics, homes and the NHS.

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