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omiSky Projector

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omiSky: Interactive Ceiling Projection System

The omiSky Interactive Ceiling Projection System transforms any room into a dynamic, engaging environment where children can interact with captivating visuals projected onto the ceiling. This system projects a live moving mirror image of the child, surrounded by 'floating' objects and dynamic scenes such as scattering leaves, popping bubbles, and bouncing spacemen. It's designed to stimulate sensory development and provide therapeutic benefits through interactive play.

Key Features

  • Interactive Projection: Projects interactive scenes on the ceiling, including butterflies, leaves, paintings, and more.
  • Dual Camera System: Ensures seamless interaction with the projected images.
  • Pre-set Applications: Comes with Sensory Fun Suite and optional Autism Suite, offering over 300 activities.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for schools, nurseries, sensory rooms, hospitals, care homes, and more.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Supports Limited Movement: Perfect for users with restricted mobility, allowing them to interact with minimal physical effort.
  • Interactive Therapy: Engages users in therapeutic activities that enhance sensory processing and motor skills.
  • Vestibular and Proprioceptive Feedback: Provides necessary sensory input to help users develop body awareness and balance.
  • Kinaesthetic Learning: Encourages active learning through movement and interaction with dynamic visuals.


  • Educational Settings: Enhances learning and engagement in schools and nurseries.
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation: Used in sensory rooms and therapy centres to support sensory integration therapy.
  • Care and Relaxation: Provides a calming and engaging environment in hospitals, hospices, and care homes.

omiSky+: Advanced Interactive Ceiling Projection System

The omiSky+ takes the interactive ceiling projection experience to the next level, offering all the features of the omiSky system with added customisation options. This system allows users to import their own images, sounds, and videos, providing a fully tailored sensory experience.

Key Features

  • Customisable Content: Users can import their own images, sounds, and videos to create personalised interactive experiences.
  • Content Creator & Editor Software: Easy-to-use software for creating and editing custom content.
  • Tutorial Library: Access to a comprehensive library of tutorial videos to maximise the use of the system.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Enhanced Engagement: Personalised content keeps users continuously engaged and motivated.
  • Adaptable Therapy: Tailor activities to meet specific therapeutic goals and sensory needs.
  • Creative Expression: Encourages users to explore and create their own interactive experiences, enhancing cognitive and motor skills.


  • Bespoke Educational Programs: Perfect for schools and therapy centres looking to create custom educational content.
  • Individualised Therapy: Ideal for therapists to develop specific programs for individual needs.
  • Customised Care: Enables care providers to create unique sensory experiences that cater to the personal preferences of users.

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