Our International Resellers

Our International Resellers

Why does Mike Ayres Design work with International Resellers?

Mike Ayres Design, as a UK based company works with reputable international resellers for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that our resellers are best placed to serve their customers in their local markets.

We work with them because they have a deep understanding of not only the industry and our products but also the local culture, language, and regulations, which allows them to effectively communicate our products and services to their customers. Additionally, working with international resellers allows us to expand our reach and reach new markets that we may not have been able to reach otherwise.

They have established relationships with local businesses and organisations, which makes it easier for them to promote and sell our products. Furthermore, working with international resellers allows us to focus on our core competencies, such as research and development of new products, while our resellers handle the sales and marketing in their local markets. This allows us to be more efficient and effective in our operations.

Ultimately whichever Reseller covers your territory you can be assured that they share the same ethos as Mike Ayres Design and can rely on quality products, with fantastic service.

Our International Reseller List

North America - Sensory One. https://sensoryone.com. 1-877-232-3320

Ireland - HC21. https://healthcare21.eu. +353 (1)-7749751

Norway - Amajo AS

Lithuania - Asela, UAB. 

United Arab Emirates - Medesole. 

New Zealand - Medix 21. 

Hong Kong - Deltason Medical. 

Japan - Relax Creation Project. 

South Korea - Hongik Trading Co. 

Become a Mike Ayres Design Reseller?

Are you interested in becoming a reseller for Mike Ayres Design in your country/territory? We are always looking for partners to expand our reach and bring our high-quality products to new markets. Please contact us at enquiries@mikeayresdesign.co.uk to learn more about the opportunities and benefits of becoming a reseller.


Mike Ayres is a professional designer with 35 years of experience creating equipment and environments for people with special and additional needs. Since the 1980s, he has focused on developing multi-sensory concepts and scores of bespoke solutions for clients around the world. He has personally selected and trained the next generation of sensory room and equipment designers who share his passion.

The Company

Mike Ayres Design, as the company, was born from his passion for sensory

design and has continued to provide world leading inclusive environments by manufacturing, delivering and installing intuitive, high quality equipment, guaranteed to stand the test of time. The Company is true to its name and is founded and focused on providing design led sensory solutions for all our customers.

"We believe that a successful environment should be one where all who enter feel welcomed, safe and that they have the ability to seek out new sensory experiences and control their surroundings to meet their specific needs."

Our Ethos

Unlike our competitors who brand "light shows" as sensory rooms, we at Mike Ayres Design develop concepts in conjunction with you, our customer, and ultimately provide a truly bespoke environment based on your clients needs and desired outcomes, utilising ALL our senses (where possible).

We do not make compromises of the selection of our products (or their components) and many of our items are Made In Britain, created and finished in our very own workshop in Bury St Edmunds. This commitment to quality is reflected in the longevity and durability of our equipment.

When you choose to have your project delivered by Mike Ayres Design, you are choosing; Peace of Mind. As you can be assured of the best products and enjoy the most dedicated support services available.

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