Cog Board - 16-Peg

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Cog Board - 16-Peg

The Cog Board is a large and simple piece of equipment that we created about 35 years ago and it is still going strong! It encourages manipulative and motor skills, hand-eye coordination and the understanding of basic mechanical movement, while creating interesting moving coloured patterns.

The Cog Board is designed to be wall mounted at an angle to give easy access for people sitting or in wheelchairs. The giant wooden cogs can be placed in any position on the board and the two different handles are used to turn them.

The Cog Board can also provide sensory stimulation and feedback for people who have sensory processing issues. Sensory integration therapy is a form of occupational therapy that involves specific sensory activities to help someone appropriately respond to sensory input( The Cog Board can help with visual, tactile and proprioceptive input, as well as self-regulation, attention and behavioural organisation (

Some of the therapeutic benefits of the Cog Board are:

• It can improve fine and gross motor skills by manipulating the cogs and handles

• It can enhance hand-eye coordination and visual tracking by following the movement of the cogs

• It can foster cognitive skills such as problem-solving, sequencing and cause-and-effect by arranging the cogs in different ways

• It can promote social skills such as turn-taking, cooperation and communication by playing with others

• It can support emotional regulation and sensory modulation by providing calming or alerting input depending on the speed and direction of the cogs

Size: 114 x 71cm

This is one of our many high-quality and durable products that meet the special needs of people with different abilities and preferences. At Mike Ayres Design we design Multi Sensory Environments and manufacture Sensory Integration products. We create sensory rooms for schools, clinics, homes and the NHS.

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