Aura Projector

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Opti Aura Projector

Creating your own home sensory environment has never been easier with this amazing multi effect projector.

Using the same effects found in sensory rooms across the world; the NEW [OPTI] Aura Projector has been designed specifically as an affordable item for your home.

It gives wonderful projected effects in your bedroom, lounge or anywhere in the home.

It can be pointed in any direction, even onto the ceiling.

It's contemporary spherical design will look attractive in any room.

  • The Aura has a dimmable function and off timer capabilities.
  • The Projector comes with one 6”Effect Wheel that fits easily on the integral wheel rotator.
  • Over 200 effect wheels (including magnetic wheels) to choose from.
  • Additional wheels are available to purchase separately.
  • A table and wall mount with fixtures and fittings is also included.
    To choose the wheel you want:
    Order the Projector on here
    Look at the range of wheels available in the Wheels section of the shop
    Ring us on 01359 251 551 or email us at and tell us which one you want.
    (If we don't hear from you, you will receive a primary colour Liquid Wheel)