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Back Support Wall Cushion

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SKU: 0414-142
Colour Options - White (Vinyl)
Made In Britain
Made To Order

Back Support Wall Cushion - Choose your Size & Colour

We can make wall cushions to any custom size for you.

Are you looking for a way to create a comfortable and relaxing sensory environment for yourself or your clients in schools, clinics or hospitals? Do you need a cushion that can support your back and improve your posture while sitting on the floor or a bench? If so, you might be interested in our Back Support Wall Cushion.

The Back Support Wall Cushion is a specially designed product that can enhance your sensory integration and occupational therapy sessions. The Back Support Wall Cushion is made of soft and durable fabric that can withstand frequent use. It has a curved shape that conforms to your lower back and provides lumbar support. It also shifts your centre of gravity so as to give you a comfortable sitting posture when used with floor or bench cushions.

You can choose your own colour and size for the Back Support Wall Cushion. The main colour will be on the front panel, and the side trim will be cream. For example, if you choose "Blue", you will receive a Blue and Cream Back Support Wall Cushion. You can also contact us directly if you would like a custom version creating.

The Back Support Wall Cushion is easy to install and maintain. It comes with Velcro strips that can be attached to any wall surface. It can also be removed and washed when needed.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of the Back Support Wall Cushion are:

• It can help you relax by providing gentle pressure and to your back.

• It can improve your body awareness and proprioception by giving you feedback on your posture and position.

• It can enhance your attention and focus by reducing discomfort from sitting on hard surfaces.

• Enables you to engage in meaningful activities in a sensory-friendly environment.

• It can support children and adults with sensory integration needs to have consistent access to the same sensory activities that benefit them during their therapy sessions.

• It can create a multi-sensory environment in a home, clinic, hospital or school that can continue the benefits of occupational therapy outside of the OT’s office

Order your Back Support Wall Cushion today and enjoy the difference it can make for your sensory integration environment.

Dimensions: 78cm high

Colour options: 
Yellow, Light Orange, Orange, Red, Magenta, Pink, Lilac, Purple, Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Light Blue, Ice Blue, Turquoise, Light Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Brown, Fawn, Grey, or Black.