Ball Pools

£1,400.00GBP Excl VAT Eligible for VAT relief
SKU: 1972-092
Colour Options - White (Vinyl)
Made To Order.

Probably the Best Ball Pool Ever Made.

Its strong wooden structure is completely cushioned and covered with reinforced PVC fabric. It is strong enough for adults to sit and walk on the walls and balls will not leak out underneath or at the joints.

Every pool is individually made (Made to Order) so can be designed to suit your precise needs and space and comes in an array of different colour options. We offer a selection of standard sizes, but do contact us if you would like a custom sized ball pool. Please note that Ball Pool Balls are not included, please choose your desired ball size (6cm 0414-096 or 7.5cm 0414-097). 

Small 4-sided Ball Pool (1972-092) – 145 x 145 x 75cm. (To fill, it requires 1750 x 7.5cm balls, or 3500 x 6cm balls).

Medium 4-sided Ball Pool (1972-093) – 145 x 218 x 75cm. (To fill, it requires 3000 x 7.5cm balls, or 6000 x 6cm balls).

Large 4-sided Ball Pool (1972-094) – 218 x 218 x 75cm. (To fill, it requires 4500 x 7.5cm balls, or 9500 x 6cm balls).

Extra Large 4-sided Ball Pool (1972-095) – 290 x 290 x 75cm. (To fill, it requires 8500 x 7.5cm balls, or with 18500 x 6cm balls). 

Your Own Custom Size (
1972-096) - Any other size or shape, per metre (please get in touch)

Full list of colours available:

1. White
2. Cream
3. Yellow
4. Light Orange
5. Orange
6. Red
7. Magenta/Cerise
9. Lilac
10. Purple/Violet
11. Dark Blue
12. Mid Blue
13. Sky Blue
14. Light Ice Blue
15. Turquoise/Marine
16. Light Green
17. Mid Green
18. Dark Green
21. Grey
23. Black

Also available, follow the link to our: 

Illuminated Ball Pools

These pools have all of the quality and functions of our standard ball pools, but with the added feature of complete colour and mood control, including colour mixing.