Ball Pool balls - Mixed Colours (x500)

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Ball Pool balls per 500 - Choose your size; 6cm or 7.5cm.

Ball pool balls are colourful plastic balls that fill a ball pool or a ball pit, creating a fun and stimulating environment for children and adults. Ball pools are also known as pit balls, or ball pit balls. They are often used in sensory rooms or environments to provide tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation, as well as social interaction and play.

6cm dia balls are suitable for pools for small children and to give good body support if you are using it for therapy and with non-ambulant people.

7.5cm balls are the industry standard and are found in most ball pools across the country.

You will require less balls of the 7.5cm than the 6cm, so bear this in mind when choosing how many you require.

Whichever size you choose, not all ball pool balls are made equal...

The constituent materials that go into making ball pool balls are all FDA approved. From the colourants through to the special mix of LD and LLD plastics (which includes a UV inhibitor), they are carefully chosen to ensure no degradation from UV sunlight and that they conform to stringent US and European flammability and toxicity legislation. So you can expect them to last much, much longer.

Our EURO+Plus™ Patented Technology (US Patent No. 5320887 and granted patents in Europe) produces playpen balls of unrivalled quality. There ball pool balls are put through a tougher environment than any ball pool ball will ever experience by compression testing to 50% of their diameter and this is done 20,000 times per test.

The strength and durability of our EURO+Plus™ playpen balls are second to none and certified by TUV according to the Directive 2009/48/EC.

They are also perfect for our very own Ball Pool Shower (SKU 0794-001 & 0794-002) to create a wonderful and interactive ball pool experience.

We recommend the ball pool balls for their many benefits for sensory integration and well-being. Ball pools can help with various physical and emotional issues, such as muscle tone, balance, coordination, relaxation, stress relief, self-regulation, social skills, and more. They can also create a fun and engaging atmosphere that encourages exploration and creativity.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of using the ball pool balls are:

• They can help you improve your muscle tone and strength by providing resistance and support for your movements.

• They can help you improve your balance and coordination by challenging your vestibular system and proprioceptive feedback.

• They can help you improve your sensory processing and modulation by providing tactile, visual, and auditory input that can be soothing or stimulating depending on your needs.

• They can help you reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and enjoyment through deep pressure and playful activities.

• They can help you enhance your social skills and communication by facilitating interaction and cooperation with others in a shared space.

• They can help you boost your confidence and self-esteem by allowing you to express yourself and have fun in a safe and comfortable environment.

To get the most out of your ball pool balls, make sure you use them safely and appropriately. You can adjust the level of difficulty by changing the number of balls, the size of the pool, or the type of activities. You can also use them with other sensory products, such as music, lights, or aromas, to create a multi sensory experience. You can also use them with a partner or a group to foster social interaction and cooperation.

The ball pool balls are a great way to enjoy the benefits of sensory integration wherever you are. They are simple yet effective devices that can enhance your sensory experience and well-being. Order yours today and discover how they can improve your life!