Bean Cushion (for Bubble Tube)

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Colour - White (Vinyl)

Bean Cushion for your Bubble Tube - Choose your Colour!

Do you want to create a cosy and relaxing sensory environment for yourself or your clients in schools, clinics or hospitals? Do you need a cushion that can adjust and mould to the shape of your body posture and really snuggle into it? If so, you might be interested in our Bubble Tube Bean Cushion.

This Bean bag is an alternative to the foam cushion, the difference is that you can adjust and mould this one to the shape of your body posture and really snuggle into it. It is made with a soft textured, extremely durable polyurethane coated fabric. It feels wonderful to touch and is waterproof, breathable, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, phthalate free and fire retardant.

This UK Beanbag for your Bubble Tube has a cut-out area that fits snugly around our Easy Access Bubble Tube base. The Bubble Tube is a sensory device that produces changing colours, bubbles and vibrations. It can help you or your clients with visual tracking, auditory stimulation, relaxation and communication.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of using the Bean Cushion are:

• It can help you improve your comfort and posture by providing support and pressure to your body.

• It can help you develop your sensory awareness and integration by exposing you to different sensory inputs from the cushion and the bubble tube.

• It can help you enhance your mood and well-being by creating a soothing and calming atmosphere.

• It can help you reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and enjoyment.

• It can help you increase your attention and focus by providing visual and auditory cues from the bubble tube.

• It can support children and adults with sensory integration needs to have consistent access to the same sensory activities that benefit them during their therapy sessions(

• It can create a multi-sensory environment in a home, clinic, hospital or school that can continue the benefits of occupational therapy outside of the OT’s office.

The Bean Bag Cushion is easy to use and maintain. It comes with a fire retardant calico inner bag to contain the beads so the outer cover can be taken off and cleaned without spilling the beans. The bubble tube has an easy access base that allows you to change the water easily.

This Beanbag is a wonderful product that can provide you or your clients with comfort, stimulation, relaxation and fun. It is one of the best bean bags or bean bag chairs in the UK for sensory integration. It is a simple yet effective device that can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Colours available: Aqua, Brown, Black, Lime, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, White, or Yellow

Size 145 x 145 x 18cm (approximately)