Bubble Tube Square Surround Cushion

£325.00GBP Excl VAT Eligible for VAT relief
SKU: 0733-201
Colour - White (Vinyl)

Square Surround Cushion for Easy Access Bubble Tube - Choose your Size & Colour

Perfect when supplied with one of our Easy Access Bubble Tube bases, as they allow much better access to the tube than a platform, so that your client to get close to the tube while lying down.

It can be removed for wheelchair or hoist access, or just put in place to sit or lay on immediately adjacent to the tube.

Double sided also means a choice of colours to work with. All our Standard colours come with Cream on the reverse. So, for example, you choose "Blue", you will receive a Blue and Cream Cushion.


100 x 100 x 15cm,
120 x 120 x 15cm,
145 x 145 x 15cm Depending on your choice.

Special/Custom sizes/colours are available, please contact us for more information.