Custom Support Structure

£5,000.00GBP Excl VAT
SKU: 2057-501

Designed to fit any room depending on the size, shape or location
of doors and partitions, Southpaw’s Custom Support Structure
is perfect for rooms that cannot accommodate a permanently
installed ceiling eyebolt.

We start with a standard size of 366cm L x 244cm W x 305cm
H (12’L x 8’W x 10’H) at the base. From there you can customise
the finished height of your structure to a minimum height of
230cm (7’6”) or a maximum height of 366cm (12’).

The main crossbeam may be as short as 244cm (8’) or as long as
610cm (20’) to accommodate your therapy space.

The Custom Support Structure is constructed of 6mm thick x 125
x 75mm (0.25” thick 5” x 3”) structural steel tubing. This solid,
stable, freestanding structure will support almost any piece of
suspended equipment, and will not slip or slide with the most
rigorous activity.

Structures greater than 450cm (15’) will require
the eyebolt wraps or swivel eyebolt wraps for suspension of

To help you determine what size will fit your needs, call
us on 01359 251 551.

This product is typically subject to longer lead times.