Sensory DVDs

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This range of DVDs is ideal for use in sensory rooms or studios. The DVDs feature computer-generated animation set to music, firework shows with special effects, scenic nature views, and underwater wonders. Some DVDs offer a soothing start to the day, while others take you on a journey through the universe. 

Animusic  2 - A splendid introduction to animation that can be used for audio-visual work in Sensory Studios. The DVD is an amazing computer generated animation set to music. The abstract and imaginative instrumental mechanisms have an immediate and magical appeal. Each note is performed in perfect synchrony with the fantastic instruments and machines that move and transform all the time in their fantasy world.

Fireworks - This DVD has eight different firework shows with fantastic special effects and slow-motion tracks.

A Day at the Beach - Includes five scenes at different times of the day. Listen to and watch the water splashing and swirling over the sand in a secluded cove.

Flow - The videos take you on a journey past magnificent waterfalls bubbling creeks and tranquil lakes set amongst alpine scenery.

Nature's Alarm Clock - Offers the perfect way to begin your day with three soothing films that carry you from dawn to early morning.

Pure Earth - Beautiful and spectacular images from India, America, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand gives each song on the film an extra dimension.

Pure Earth and Beyond - Beautiful and spectacular images which take on a journey through the universe.

Underwater Wonders - Experience the wonders of the deep as you glide through coral reefs, watch turtles moving through the blue water and marvel at the amazing fish and animal life.