Easy Switch Infinity Panel

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A beautifully simple panel which you can adjust in so many ways to create mesmerising visual effects.

You can have any of eight static colours, fade through the colours, have rainbow effects and have a block of colour that rotates around the panel. As well as this you can determine the speed and direction of movement. It's wonderful for concentration, relaxation and visual tracking.

Note how the infinity effect covers most of the screen and descends right into the centre.

The Touch Panel enables you to select the colours, rainbow effect, speed and direction of movement.

Features and benefits:

8 static colours Fade through the colours Speed control for fade and movement Wonderful colour rainbow effects Visual tracking of lights, both clockwise and anti-clockwise Jack sockets for plugging in separate switches for On/Off and colour selection No lamps to replace (ever) Uses LED technology Can be installed anywhere

Panel Size: 53cm wide x 61cm high x 9.5cm deep