Fibre Optic Tails

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Fibre Optic Tails - Choose Your Version

Transform your sensory room with the Fibre Optic Tails, a sensory integration product that appeals to people of all ages and varying special educational needs. The Fibre Optic Tails provide a mesmerising light show that is sure to leave an impact. Designed to enhance sensory experiences, these tails are perfect for use in a sensory room.

The fibre optic material is strong and can withstand stretching or chewing, making it a safe and durable choice. The tails also provide a tactile experience, encouraging relaxation and play. Additionally, these fibre optics are safe to use as they do not generate heat.

It's important to note that the tails do not light up on their own and a separate Light Source is required, which can be purchased from us.

Mike Ayres Design only uses the finest fibre Optic tails available, be wary of cheaper imitations, as the brightness of the light can be severely hindered by cheaper Fibre optics or light sources.

You can choose between two versions of the Fibre Optic Tails: Easy Switch or Switch4 control.

The Easy Switch version allows you to choose and mix the eight colours with two switch plates and jack sockets. You can also plug in a single switch or a Nine Switch Keyboard to select the colours directly or create your own colour combinations. When a switch is not attached, the Fibre Optic Tails gently cycle through the colours automatically.

The Switch4 version gives you complete control of the colours in 7 different modes and programmes, some passive and some interactive. You can also use a Universal transmitter to control its radio remotely with any sort of switch.

Available in 1m, 2m & 3m lengths

Therapeutic Benefits of Fibre Optic Tails

The Fibre Optic Tails are not only a beautiful sensory product, but also a therapeutic one. They can help people with various sensory integration challenges, such as:

• Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): People with ASD may have difficulties with sensory processing, which can affect their behaviour, communication and learning( The Fibre Optic Tails can provide a calming and safe sensory stimulation that can reduce anxiety, improve attention and enhance social skills.

• Sensory processing disorder (SPD): People with SPD may have trouble responding appropriately to sensory input, which can affect their motor skills, emotional regulation and daily functioning. The Fibre Optic Tails can offer a gentle and controlled sensory input that can help them regulate their arousal level, improve their body awareness and coordination, and develop adaptive responses.

• Dementia: People with dementia may experience sensory impairments, such as vision loss, hearing loss or reduced touch sensitivity, which can affect their cognition, mood and quality of life. The Fibre Optic Tails can provide a multisensory stimulation that can enhance their memory, mood and engagement.

Another fantastic product by Mike Ayres Design - we design Multi Sensory Environments and manufacture Sensory Integration products. This is one of our many high-quality and durable products that meet the special needs of people with different abilities and preferences. We create sensory rooms for schools, clinics, homes and the NHS.

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