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Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tiles x 4

£175.00GBP Excl VAT
SKU: 1348-514

The 4 Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tiles will have you mesmerised.

Transform your sensory space with our mesmerising Gold Glitter Liquid Floor Tiles. This set of 4 tiles is designed to captivate and engage users of all ages. Crafted with durability in mind, these tiles are built to withstand the demands of energetic play and the weight of a wheelchair, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

The golden glitter inside the tiles swirls and sparkles with every movement, creating a visually stunning experience that stimulates the senses. The combination of visual and tactile sensations offers a multi-dimensional exploration opportunity.

With a size of 50 x 50cm and a thickness of 0.7cm, these sensory tiles can be easily incorporated into your sensory room, clinic, or school environment. They can also be used on tabletops or any flat surface, allowing for hands-on manipulation and creating a dramatic visual effect with just a small amount of pressure.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Visual Stimulation: The swirling glitter and sparkling effect provide captivating visual stimulation, promoting focus and attention to detail.
Tactile Exploration: The smooth surface invites tactile exploration, encouraging sensory engagement and fine motor development.
Sensory Integration: The combination of visual and tactile input supports sensory integration, aiding individuals in processing sensory information effectively.
Calming Effect: The mesmerising visual display has a calming effect, helping to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

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