Bubble Tube Half-Round Surround Cushion

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SKU: 0733-205
Colour Options - White (Vinyl)

Half Round Surround Cushion for Easy Access Bubble Tube - Choose your Colour

Introducing the Half Round Surround Cushion, designed to complement our Easy Access Bubble Tube bases and elevate the sensory experience. With its unique design, this cushion allows easy access to the bubble tube, enabling clients to get close to the tube while lying down. It offers better accessibility compared to platforms, making it ideal for individuals with mobility challenges.

Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Access: The Half Round Surround Cushion provides improved access to the bubble tube, allowing clients to fully engage with the visual and tactile sensory stimulation it offers. It can be easily removed to accommodate wheelchair or hoist access, or placed adjacent to the tube for comfortable sitting or lying positions.

Versatile Colour Options: Our cushion is double-sided, offering a choice of colours to complement your sensory environment. Each cushion is crafted with attention to detail, featuring your selected colour on one side and a coordinating cream colour on the reverse. Choose from our range of standard colours or contact us for special/custom sizes and colours to meet your specific needs.

Quality Craftsmanship: We pride ourselves on providing durable and long-lasting sensory products. The Half Round Surround Cushion is expertly crafted to meet high standards of quality, ensuring its reliability and performance in sensory environments.

Supportive Expertise: Our products are backed by the knowledge and expertise of occupational therapists and sensory integration experts. We encourage you to explore our website, where you will find links to relevant NHS pages, scientific studies, and occupational therapy resources that support the benefits of our products.

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