Hand-held Colour Frames - Half-price!

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Introducing our revolutionary Hand-held Colour Frames, the ultimate sensory integration tool designed by our team of occupational therapists and sensory integration experts at Mike Ayres Design. With its high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and user-friendly design, this product will transform the way you experience the world around you.

Key Features:

Two-Handed Exploration: Our Hand-held Colour Frames are expertly crafted to encourage two-handed use, enhancing bilateral coordination and promoting motor skills development. Engage both hands simultaneously and unlock endless possibilities for sensory exploration.

Reflections in Vivid Hues: Immerse yourself in a captivating world of vibrant colours. Each frame boasts three exquisite windows in red, yellow, and blue, allowing you to discover mesmerising reflections and visions of your surroundings. Experience the magic of colour like never before.

Unleash your Inner Artist: Combine the power of our Colour Frames to unlock the wonders of colour mixing. Position the frames together and witness the enchantment unfold as you explore the art of blending hues. Stimulate your creativity and unleash your inner artist.

Ergonomic Design: We understand the importance of comfortable and accessible sensory experiences. Our Hand-held Colour Frames feature handles specifically designed for an open-handed grasp. If that's not feasible, simply place your hand within the space and effortlessly maneuver the frame to suit your needs. Accessibility meets excellence.

Versatile Hanging Options: Take full control of your visual experience. The four strategically placed holes on each frame allow for effortless hanging at any angle. Adjust the frames to your desired position and enjoy easy visual access to your surroundings. Flexibility at your fingertips.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Enhances bilateral coordination and motor skills development.
  • Promotes sensory exploration and visual stimulation.
  • Sparks creativity and encourages artistic expression.
  • Supports open-handed grasp and hand-eye coordination.
  • Facilitates colour recognition and understanding.
  • Encourages independent exploration and discovery.

At Mike Ayres Design, we pride ourselves on creating innovative sensory integration products that bring joy, engagement, and therapeutic benefits to individuals of all abilities. We invite you to browse our website and explore our wide range of sensory products and special needs equipment. Discover a world of possibilities with our Hand-held Colour Frames and unlock the transformative power of sensory integration. Experience the Mike Ayres Design commitment to exceptional quality and sensory exploration.

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