Puffer Ball

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Puffer Ball - Choose Your Version

The Puffer Ball is a large squishy ball with sensory rubber hairs that provide an irresistible tactile experience. With a size that’s larger than the average ball, it offers a fun-filled experience of catching, squeezing, and bouncing.

Beat boredom and keep your hands engaged! This jiggly fidget toy is an excellent way to keep your restless hands busy. Squeeze, squish, or tug it, and run your fingers through the bumpy rubber hairs. You can even bounce it on a smooth surface to have more fun!

The Puffer Ball is a perfect choice for those who need to improve focus and concentration or cope with stressful situations. It offers a unique way to calm your nerves and enhance your concentration amidst your busy day-to-day routine.

Dimensions: 15cm