High Log Slope - Rainbow / Zebra Colours

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Colour Options - White (Vinyl)
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Discover the amazing High Log Slope in vibrant Rainbow colours, a premium sensory soft play product designed by the experts at Mike Ayres Design. As a leading designer and manufacturer of Multi Sensory Environments and Sensory Integration products, we are passionate about creating high-quality products that support therapeutic benefits and encourage engagement and exploration. Spark the senses and unleash endless possibilities with our High Log Slope.

Key Features:

Dynamic Structure: The High Log Slope offers a wonderful and versatile structure for clambering up and down, allowing individuals to engage their entire body in play and movement. Its carefully designed dimensions of 145 x 73 x 105cm high provide an ideal platform for sensory integration activities.

Exceptional Durability: Covered with extremely tough, fire retardant PVC coated fabric, our High Log Slope ensures durability and safety during play. Rest assured, our product is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Seamless Transitions: The Log Slopes of different heights can be seamlessly integrated into Soft Play Rooms, facilitating smooth transitions between huts and platforms. Create an inclusive environment that promotes exploration and supports various therapeutic activities.

Therapeutic Benefits:

The High Log Slope is a valuable tool, providing a range of therapeutic benefits such as:

• Enhancing proprioceptive input and body awareness.

• Promoting balance, coordination, and motor planning.

• Improving core strength and stability.

• Fostering gross motor development and spatial awareness.

• Stimulating sensory processing and integration.

• Encouraging social interaction and cooperative play.

The High Log Slope is suitable for a variety of environments, including schools, clinics, and hospitals, where it can be utilised for:

• Sensory integration therapy sessions 

Gross motor skill development

• Balance and coordination training

Occupational therapy interventions

• Inclusive play and socialisation

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Please note that the High Log Slope is made to order, ensuring the highest quality standards. As a result, longer lead times may apply. For further inquiries or to specify custom colours, please call us at 01359 251 551 or email enquiries@mikeayresdesign. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in creating the perfect sensory integration experience.

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