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Glowline Panels

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Experience the captivating glow and visual stimulation of our Glowline Panel, a perfect addition to sensory walls and sensory integration environments. Designed with precision and expert craftsmanship, this sensory integration product is a true gem for creating engaging sensory experiences.

Here are the remarkable features and benefits that make it an exceptional addition to schools, clinics, and hospitals:

  • Size: Immerse yourself in the spaciousness of the Glowline Panel, providing ample room for exploration and interaction, making it an ideal choice for sensory walls.
  • Mesmerising Glowline: With more Glowline Fluorescent Rope than anyone else, securely attached to the board, our Glowline Panel offers a stunning display of vibrant, illuminating colours that ignite the senses. The glow effect and light panels for walls create an immersive sensory experience.
  • Mirrored Area: Enhancing the visual effect, this panel incorporates a mirrored area, allowing you to witness the captivating interplay of light and its influence on various materials. It adds an extra dimension to sensory wall panels, creating a visually stimulating environment.
  • Sensory Stimulation: Engage in a world of visual exploration and sensory stimulation as the Glowline Rope radiates a captivating glow, providing a unique sensory experience for individuals, including those with autism. The autism sensory wall benefits from the captivating effects of the Glowline Panel.

Therapeutic Benefits

Our Glowline Panel offers a range of therapeutic benefits that occupational therapists can utilise to enhance sensory integration. These include:

      • Visual Tracking: Encourages tracking skills and improves visual attention as individuals follow the movement of the glowing ropes on the sensory wall.
      • Visual Discrimination: Enhances the ability to differentiate between colours and textures, promoting visual perception skills within sensory wall ideas.
      • Cause and Effect: Encourages cause-and-effect understanding as individuals witness the influence of light on different materials and their own clothing, creating an interactive sensory wall board.
      • Focus and Relaxation: Captivating visual effects promote relaxation and concentration, supporting individuals in achieving a calm and focused state while interacting with the sensory wall.
      • Versatile Application: Suitable for various settings, such as sensory rooms, therapy clinics, and hospital environments, the Glowline Panel provides a versatile platform for sensory exploration, therapy sessions, and relaxation. It is a valuable addition to any sensory wall or sensory room.
      • Superior Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Glowline Panel guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring it withstands the demands of frequent use within sensory wall panels.
      • Sensory Wall Ideas: Enhance your sensory wall with the captivating effects and therapeutic benefits of the Glowline Panel, creating a visually engaging and calming environment ideal for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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      Note: The Glowline Panels are made to order, and longer lead times may apply.

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      Large: 145 x 120cm panel with  60 metres of Glowline Fluorescent Rope

      Size: 145 x 72cm with 30 plus lengths of Glowline.

      (No one else's panels has so much rope.)

      (The image shows the large panel)

      This panel has many different coloured lengths of Glowline Fluorescent Rope attached very securely to the board, plus a mirrored area to increase the visual effect.

      It also allows you to see the influence the light may have on your clothes or other materials.