Light Source, LED Switch4 Interactive

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Includes the very brightest and most controllable LED light source available.

This portable unit is a revolution in the use of fibre optic lights within sensory learning. It can be used with any kind of switch to control the colours in a wide variety of ways.

It is used for a wide range of visual stimulation experiences, including exploring colour, developing manipulative skills, visual tracking, switching, cause and effect work, creating special effects, learning body awareness and just as a passive experience.

Its features are:

Very portable and can be used anywhere 8 very bright and true colours (the equivalent of up to 70 or 80 watts of light) in basic and secondary colours
You never need to replace a bulb 7 different programmes and modes. 1 passive - needs no switches. 4 using one ot two switches timed, latched, momentary and stepping colour. 2 using three switches mixing primary colours to get secondary colours. 6 using a number of up to 9 switches timed, latched, momentary including 'simon' game Use almost any switches available, (they do not have to be Mike Ayres Design ones), or our Nine Switch Keyboard Use independently or integrates with our Switch2 system Can be switched radio remotely via our Universal transmitters Touchpad programme control Size 26 x 21 x 13cm plus the tails