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Liquid Floor Tiles - 50cm

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SKU: 1348-509

Liquid Floor Tiles - 50cm - Choose your Version: Engage the Senses, Inspire Exploration

Welcome to the world of Liquid Floor Tiles by Mike Ayres Design, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, durable, and user-friendly sensory integration products. Our wide range of sensory products and special needs equipment, including Liquid Floor Tiles, is designed to create immersive multi-sensory environments and inspire innovative sensory room ideas. These sensory therapeutic resources are carefully crafted to promote inclusivity, engagement, and development for individuals of all abilities.

Key Features:

Visual and Tactile Stimulation: The Liquid Floor Tiles are sensory floor tiles that offer a captivating visual and tactile experience. With their flowing colours and mesmerizing patterns, they stimulate the senses and create a dynamic sensory environment. These sensory tiles can be used to enhance sensory rooms, multi-sensory environments, and even school sensory room ideas.

Promotes Movement and Exploration: Designed to withstand rigorous use, our liquid floor tiles are perfect for schools, clinics, hospitals, and other settings. They invite movement and exploration, providing individuals with the opportunity to engage their senses and develop important motor skills. Whether placed on the floor or used as sensory wall tiles, these versatile tiles offer endless possibilities for sensory integration ideas.

Occupational Therapy Benefits: Our sensory floor tiles offer a range of therapeutic benefits, aligning with occupational therapy principles. They can support:

Sensory Integration: By engaging multiple senses simultaneously, the tiles facilitate sensory processing and integration.
Motor Skill Development: Walking, jumping, or simply touching the tiles promotes balance, coordination, and gross motor skills.
Body Awareness: The dynamic visual effects of the tiles enhance body awareness and spatial perception.
Cause and Effect: Applying pressure to the tiles allows individuals to explore cause and effect relationships, fostering cognitive development.

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At Mike Ayres Design, we are committed to providing high-quality sensory products that empower individuals and promote their well-being. Step into a world of sensory possibilities with our liquid floor tiles and explore the endless potential of sensory integration.

Please note that slight variations in colour may occur compared to the images shown, as each Liquid Floor Tile is a unique sensory masterpiece.

Note: Liquid Floor Tiles are more than just floor tiles; they are tools that inspire movement, exploration, and sensory development. Unleash the power of sensory play with Mike Ayres Design.